Our vehicle rental prices are uniform. The rental includes a complete set of equipment, which is rented at no extra charge as part of the vehicle. For an overview of the equipment, please refer to the section SKANDIVANS.


Daily rental throughout the season

Stay in Slovakia – 75 €/day

Stay in Europe – 85 €/day

First day of rental – pick up the bathtub from 7:00 am, last day of rental – return the bathtub by 7:00 pm.

Service fee – 25 €
One-time rental fee. You will always receive a clean and fragrant car, including bed linen and towels


The rental price includes an average daily mileage of 300 km. If you know that you will need more mileage for your trip, you can add additional kilometres to your order in advance as a package.

Extra 300km package – €50

500km extra package – 70 €

Extra kilometres driven without a package will be charged at a higher rate of €0.25 per km

Returning the van after 19:00

25 € for each hour

Returning the bathtub without refilling the tank

25 € + fuel price

Dirty vehicle interior

25 € + cost of permanently soiled / damaged equipment within the meaning of the deposit

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