We are currently offering for rent 3 energy independent and fully equipped #off-grid campervans with built-in solar panel, water supply, bed, kitchenette with fridge. Skandivans offer a place to dine, ample storage space and a chemical toilet (Not included in LYNX). The tubs are fully self-contained and you can take them wherever the road leads and are not expressly forbidden to do so. The living area in the skandivans is powered by a modern 100Ah LiFePO4 (50Ah LiFePO4 for LYNX) battery with dual charging (solar and alternator). Consumed water is easily topped up via an adapter in the car body, and utility water is drained by turning a single tap.

We try to use as many natural materials as possible in the skandivans – sheep’s wool for insulation, wood cladding, or bio-plastics. We don’t use disposable equipment and you’ll find biodegradable detergent or waste sorting containers in the car.

All our scandivans are approved and registered as motorhomes. So there are no unpleasant surprises waiting for you at the roadside check. The wiring is properly approved and has an inspection report, so you can plug in your electricity at any campsite. All scandivans are insured as motorhomes. Due to complex legislation this is not standard, but we have gone to the trouble to ensure your well being.


All the tubs are generously equipped so that you don’t have to take anything extra with you apart from your personal belongings and food. Of course there is the obligatory equipment in the cabin. Skandivans do not have a gas bomb, an induction hob is used for cooking. Each car is equipped with a chemical toilet. The tubs are rented with comfortable duvets and bed linen. Each van has mood lighting, built-in fan, powerful voltage converter for 220V appliances, independent audio or portable speaker.


4 lemonade glasses and 4 mugs; 3 half glasses; 2 wine glasses; 4 plates both shallow and deep, bowls, salad bowl; cutlery set for 4; ladles, ladles, corkscrew, bottle opener

3 pots, frying pan and colander; moka coffee machine a.k.a kotogo; plastic food jars, cutting boards; dish towels and drainer; 3 kitchen knives and scissors; sugar, salt and basic spices; coffee (ground)

Quick-drying towel and microfibre towel for each person; toilet paper, mini-fridge

Camping equipment
Folding table, chairs, gas grill and cooker with cartridge; (double) hammock, picnic blanket; pressure shower

SCANDIVANIA s.r.o. Prenájom campervanov teda obytných dodávok Harmónia 3696, 900 01 Modra 2022