The rental of our vans is always governed by the following provisions. You will receive a copy of these when you collect the vehicle together with the hire contract.


Each hirer, as well as the driver(s) of the vehicle, must hold a Group B driving licence valid for at least 2 years and be at least 24 years of age, a valid ID card or passport on the date of taking possession of the motorhome. All drivers who will be driving the motorhome must be listed on the Motorhome Hire Agreement. Proof of identity and a valid driving licence shall be presented when signing the Motorhome Hire Agreement.


The motorhome shall be handed over to the hirer by mutual agreement between the hirer and the hirer at the agreed time and place of collection of the motorhome as set out in the Motorhome Hire Contract. Unless otherwise agreed, this place shall be the registered office of the company. The Lessor shall provide the Lessee with A) the Handover Report and B) the Motorhome Rental Agreement at the time of handover of the Motorhome to the Lessee. The motorhome shall be handed over in a fully roadworthy condition with a valid roadworthiness and emission test on the day of commencement and termination of the rental. All apparent damage and known defects shall be noted and recorded on the Handover Report and signed by both parties.

The motorhome shall be handed over to the lessee inspected, clean (interior, exterior, toilet ready, water tank filled, inventory replenished according to the list) and with the relevant documents for travel in European countries, as well as with a vignette for the Slovak Republic and with the operating fluids replenished.

The motorhome shall be handed over with a full tank of fuel and returned with a full tank of fuel. Otherwise, the fuel will be charged, including a fee for handing over the vehicle without a full tank of fuel, in accordance with the current price list.

The lessor will hand over the motorhome with an explanation and training of the operator, which may take approximately 30 minutes. On handover, the vehicle and its equipment will be inspected.


The motor vehicle shall be returned by the Hirer on time and on the date specified in the Motorhome Hire Agreement in the condition in which the Hirer took delivery of the motorhome in accordance with the Handover Protocol (including complete, undamaged and functional accessories). The Renter shall return the Vehicle cleaned, with the toilet empty, provided that the toilet has been used. The early return of the vehicle by the lessee shall not give rise to a claim for a refund of the rental aliquot. The Lessee shall be obliged to allow the vehicle to be inspected on return at the necessary time. In the event that the vehicle is not returned cleaned or within the agreed time, the lessee shall be liable to pay a penalty in accordance with the applicable price list.


The lessee undertakes to use the vehicle exclusively for the purpose intended. The lessee is also responsible for the fact that the vehicle will not be driven by any person who may be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances. The lessee undertakes not to rent the vehicle to a third party, not to use it for gainful employment, transporting property or persons who are not part of the crew.

The average daily mileage is limited to 300km during the rental period. Exceeding this limit will be charged according to the current price list.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out any modifications on and in the vehicle – taping, drilling, etc. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that no extremely heavy, flammable, dusty, smelly or polluting items are transported in the vehicle. Any repairs that need to be done at the time of renting the motorhome must be consulted in advance with the lessor.

Travel to countries outside the European Union must be agreed in writing by the lessor. Travel to war zones is prohibited.

The hirer undertakes to handle, manage and protect the hired object with care and not to leave the motorhome unlocked and unsecured during the rental period. The lessee undertakes to carry out regular checks on the condition of the operating fluids and, if necessary, to carry out basic maintenance, which includes checking the engine oil and the prescribed tyre pressure.

Smoking is prohibited in the cabin and in the entire caravan.



The rental period of the motorhome is a minimum of 5 days in high season (June to September) and a minimum of 3 days in low season (April, May, October). Reservation of the motorhome for a given date can be made via the order form on the website www.skandivania.sk, via the contractor’s platform, by phone or by e-mail. The reservation must be paid within 48 hours. When booking by email or phone, the required details as well as proof of payment (screenshot from e-banking) must be sent to info@skandivania.sk. The reservation becomes binding only after 50% of the advance payment has been credited to the account.

The advance payment must be made as follows:

50% of the rental price within 48 hours of booking the motorhome
The remaining 50% at the latest 14 days before the start of the rental.

If the reservation of the motorhome is made 14 days or less before the start of the rental, the full amount must be paid within 48 hours. The total amount of the rental is paid to the landlord’s account.


The hirer also has the right to cancel a binding booking more than 30 days before the start of the hire, in which case a full refund of the hire amount will be made. Cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the rental is subject to the following rules:

cancellation less than 30 days to the date of acceptance – cancellation fee of 50% of the total rental amount
cancellation less than 14 days from the date of acceptance – cancellation fee of 75% of the total rental amount
Cancellation less than 3 days on the date of pick-up – cancellation fee of 100% of the total rental amount.

The lessor reserves the right to cancel a binding reservation in the event of a serious breakdown of the vehicle (accident, damage requiring immediate repair, etc.) In such a case, the lessor will inform the future lessee of this situation and refund the rental amount paid without undue delay.


The security deposit shall be 1000 € and shall be paid to the lessor on the day of taking possession of the motorhome in cash. The security deposit is to cover any additional costs incurred by the Renter in the event of breakdown or damage to the motorhome (which are not included in the Handover Protocol) and which are not covered by the insurance conditions. At the same time, the security deposit may be used to cover the contractual penalty in accordance with the current price list if the vehicle is found to be in violation of the General Terms and Conditions upon return. If the damage cannot be determined when the motorhome is handed over, the lessor is entitled to retain the security deposit, pay the damage out of it and subsequently invoice the tenant for the security deposit. The lessee undertakes to reimburse the lessor for any damage and related costs caused during the rental period that are not covered by the insurance company, even if the amount of the damage exceeds the security deposit.



The lessee shall bear all costs related to the operation of the motorhome and incurred during the rental period. These include, in particular, the cost of fuel, road tolls, fines, the cost of repairs incurred during the use of the motorhome relating to damage caused by the hirer or the repair of damaged tyres.

At the time of hiring the vehicle, the hirer is responsible for compliance with all traffic and legal regulations, for breaches of which he or she shall be fully legally liable for the entire duration of the hire of the motorhome. In the event that the lessor receives a fine for a traffic violation during the rental period, this fine will be invoiced to the lessee. The hirer agrees to pay this fine in full within 14 days of receipt of the landlord’s demand for payment.

The lessee is further liable for damages incurred by the lessor in the event of loss of the documents of the means of transport, in the event that the documents of the means of transport are seized by public authorities for a reason caused by the lessee or for a reason for which the lessee is liable.

In the event of the lessee’s obligation under the preceding paragraph, the lessee shall be obliged to pay the damage to the bank account specified in the written notice within 14 days of the lessor’s written notice.

The Lessee shall be liable for all damage resulting from its handling of the means of transport from the moment of handing over the means of transport to the Lessee until its proper and timely return to the Lessor, with the exception of normal wear and tear.


In the event of theft of the vehicle, the Lessee shall immediately contact the police, the Lessor, draw up a report, a copy of which shall be handed over to the Lessor together with the keys and the documents taken from the subject of the lease. In the event that any of these points are not complied with, the tenant agrees to bear the damage incurred and to pay it in full to the landlord within 14 days of the occurrence of the damage.


In the event of damage to the vehicle, a traffic accident or other emergency, the renter is obliged to take the following steps immediately:

call the police
contact the landlord’s insurer’s assistance services by telephone
document the incident; in the event of a traffic accident, draw up an accident report together with the addresses and names of witnesses
create photo documentation of the accident
not to acknowledge the claims of any third party
contact the landlord by telephone

The lessee is obliged to reimburse the lessor for any damage to the means of transport that occurs during the term of the contract. The hirer is also obliged to pay all charges, penalties and other pecuniary benefits incurred or presented to the lessor as holder of the means of transport for payment, for the time the hirer uses the means of transport, including the deductible in the event of an insured event and the difference between the amount of the insurance claim and the actual damage resulting from the insured event.


In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the motorhome and its components, the hirer shall contact the lessor immediately and follow the lessor’s instructions. The Lessor shall take all necessary steps to rectify such breakdowns. The Lessor shall arrange, at its own expense, for the transport of all passengers to the place of collection of the vehicle. In this case, a full refund will be made to the hirer for the unused hire days in the amount of an aliquot amount.

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